Let's Poongmul! Korean Traditional Drumming

I learned to play Korean Traditional Drums (Poong Mul) in the early 1990s at a Korean Traditional Community Center called "Uri Madang" in Seoul, Korea.
I continued to play with a drum group at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Georgia with Korean and Korean American students.
I feel that drumming is a universal form of music which brings many cultures together. I offer introductory classes at community centers and schools in the Milwaukee area. Also, I hold drumming demonstrations and workshops for various organizations. Currently, I work as an Artist Educator for Arts at Large, Inc. and other Arts organizations and teach drumming to Milwaukee Public School students. If you are interested in learning more about my drumming program, please contact me.

Let's Poongmul - Korean Traditional Drumming! Saehee can create individualized classes and workshops for businesses, community organizations, arts centers, schools and special events. Contact Saehee for fees and additional information.

Program Description of Beginner Poongmul Class for students 6 to 12 years old:

Learn how to play Korean drums! You will learn traditional rhythms of Korea through basic drumming in this fun and interactive class. Students will use their hands and special sticks to play the Jang-Gu, an hourglass-shaped, wooden drum. The instructor will also incorporate Korean culture and language while drumming. You will not only have fun drumming but also learn about Korea. Historically, farmers and street musicians played Poongmul. Today, Korean drums are played by children, students, and adults of all abilities, during festivals and holidays.

Program Goals and Objectives:

  1. The student will learn basic Korean rhythms through
  2. the student will learn how to count and sing in Korean.
  3. The student will be exposed to Korean culture and traditions.
  4. The class will teach improved hand-eye coordination and listening skills.
  5. The class will be fun and enjoyable.
  6. The student will learn to play in a group ensemble and showcase a group performance at the end of the session.