Korean Cooking Classes and Demonstrations

Today, Saehee continues to promote her passion for all things Korea, including her love for Korean food. At the Fondy Farmers Market, South Shore Farmers Market, and Whitefish Bay Farmers Market in Milwaukee area, she led a Korean cooking demonstration using locally harvested vegetables. As a graduate student at the University of Illinois, she organized a traditional Korean dinner for 100 guests for an international event. Most recently, Saehee teaches Korean cooking classes at the Milwaukee Public Market, Nicolet High School, Whitefish Bay Library, Milwaukee Public Library and MKE Kitchen. An avid Korean foodie and home cook, she learned to cook Korean dishes by watching and tasting her mother’s homemade food. Her favorite items on the menu are Kimchi and Spicy Rice Cakes! She also enjoys growing vegetables such as Korean eggplants, Daikon radishes, and Perilla leaves in her raised beds. Saehee hopes that by sharing her family’s cooking traditions, everyone will learn about the healthy and tasty aspects of Korean food.