GARAM, (River in Korean) was founded in the fall of 2008 and officially established in January of 2009. We are a group of students and community members who are interested in learning about and promoting Traditional Korean Drumming in the Milwaukee area.

Our mission is to promote Traditional Korean Drumming through awareness and education. As a group, we share our drumming skills and practice weekly to learn the intricate rhythmns of Korean Traditional Drumming. We also aim to educate each other and the larger community about Korean drumming.

Our membership is open to all. We welcome anyone interested in learning about Traditional Korean Drumming. To join our group, contact Saehee Chang at 737-5164 or email saehee@saehee.com.

Current Members

  • Saehee Chang, Jangu
  • Inhoon David Cho, Buk
  • Chang Jae Choi, Jangu
  • Yun Sun Jin, Jangu and Kwenggari
  • Jinuk Hwang , Kwenggari, Jangu, Buk and Jing
  • Heeju Shin, Jangu and Kwenggari
  • Seonjoo So, Jangu